Every parent wants the best for their child. A healthy pregnancy is necessary to ensure the baby’s well- being after birth too. Garbh sanskar has gained popularity as an enabler for the mental and physical development of the baby.

The knowledge of garbh sanskar dates back to ancient scriptures and is included in the ayurveda. The word garbh in sanskrit refers to foetus in the womb, and sanskar means education of the mind. So, garbh sanskar translates into the process of educating the mind of unborn baby. It is traditionally believed that a child’s mental and behavioral development starts in the womb as it can be influenced by the mother’s emotional state while she carries the baby. The practice has been a part of hindu tradition since time immemorial and is evidenced by stories of how garbh sanskar had a very positive effect on mythological characters like abhimanyu, astabakra and prahlad who were enlightened in their mother’s womb.


Sanskar changes the original property to better one. It means to enhance or change the property for betterment

Today’s World has become so digitalized and hectic that we are just leaving our life instead of Living it. In present generation majority couple will have only one child and put all efforts to fulfill there dream and to give them good life and Sanskar once they step into this world. We help to give them good life from the planning stage itself.

Garbha Sanskar helps tremendously in Positive growth of baby and also helps to smoothen the entire pregnancy process, subject to individual conditions.

Remember Parents are the first teacher of Child.

Garbhasanskar Procedure
Pre Conceiving (Beej Sanskar)
Preparing (Future) Parents
Both should know about our reproductive system. Prakruti Parikshan of both Panchakarma, Rasayan, Vajikaran, Medicines Yogopchar and Meditation Diet Guidance
Garbhadhan Sanskar
Mating (the right way, time, environment etc.) For better child is all aspects – Physical, Mental and Sanskar
During Pregnancy (Garbha Sanskar)
It starts from conception till delivery.

Garbhini Paricharya (Mother’s Lifestyle)
Dietary (Aahariya) Lifestyle – Do’s and Don’ts (Vihariya) Mansik (Emotional – Healing) Yoga and Meditation Colour and Aroma therapy Cosmetic Care
Monthly Checkup and Medicinal treatment (Masanumasik Chikitsa). Treating disorder in pregnancy. Mother and foetus as well as Father and foetus interaction Music Therapy for both mother and foetus to relieve stress anxiety and cool down mind Individual training program Mental preparation and information for normal and easy delivery. Delivery Counseling

After Delivery (Prenatal Care)
Feeding Baby Both should attend Baby Oiling and Bathing Baby Mother’s Snehan (massage) and Dhoopan Sanskar on born Baby Diet of Baby