Ayurvedic Clinic In Viman Nagar Pune

Dr. Prajakta is the Founder and Director of Dr.Prajakta’s Ayurvedic Clinic In Viman Nagar Pune which was started in May 2005 to offer a wide range of Authentic and Traditional Ayurvedic treatments, Panchakarma, Garbh Sanskar,  Yoga & Naturopathy treatments all under one roof.

Our clinic is spacious and well equipped with an independent Panchakarma treatment unit and Consulting room. Dr.Prajakta is serving and helping thousands of patients to regain their original health in a holistic way at Physical, Mental and Emotional planes of wellbeing.

“We not only Treat but Inspire as well” 

Best Ayurvedic Clinic In Viman Nagar Pune



Ayurved is the most ancient and effective form of medical treatment! Our Mission is to help and cure people with Authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies for continuous and sustainable healthy living and lifestyle!
To prevent people from undergoing unaffordable treatments and having side effects! Your search for Ayurvedic Doctors in Pune ends here.

Doctor’s Approach

  • Analysis and Investigation of Current Health Status/ Reports
  • Detail Consultation with Nadi Parikshan (Pulse Diagnosis)
  • Proper explanation of Condition/ Disease
  • Get into details of Daily routine (Dinacharya)
  • Suggest essential lifestyle changes and Diet
  • Prepare and Recommend suitable line of treatment plan
  • Provide Pure Ayurvedic medicine
  • Undertake Panchakarma procedure for purification Dosh Nirharan (Detoxification) Rejuvenation to gain power, vitality and healthy living

Our Doctor

Ayurvedic Clinic In Viman Nagar Pune

Ayurvedic Clinic In Viman Nagar Pune

Dr. Prajakta Shah